Leveraging technology to welcome baby boomers
to the state of good health

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The rise of the self-educated age-in customer

Every day, 10,000 baby boomers across the country reach retirement age. And the newest age-ins are digitally savvy—doing extensive online and offline research into retirement planning and their Medicare options. That’s why we partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island to build a robust age-in strategy that anticipates the needs of consumers—and captures them where they’re searching for valuable education and advice.

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Driving traffic, online and IRL

In addition to its robust plan offerings, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island offers its members the unique benefit of local neighborhood brick-and-mortar stores, where you can speak privately with an expert about your health needs and plans—and where members can get help from a nurse, get coaching toward health goals, and attend exercise and educational classes at no charge. Our campaign featured these benefits and highlighted the in-store experience—which is perfect for engaging the new self-educated boomer age-in audience. In-store signage and messaging completed the experience.

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Reaching age-ins just the beginning

The launch of this transformative campaign was only the beginning of our partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island. Drawing on the strength of their brand and product offering, we’ve taken the insight we gathered building this age-in strategy and created successful campaigns reaching caregivers, late retirees and groups offering Medicare. This momentum carried forward into our work creating successful AEP and direct pay OEP campaigns, partnering closely with the BCBSRI team to create unified messaging—and a unified presence in the marketplace.

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