People who said
social media
would affect their
choice of a specific
doctor, hospital
or medical facility
Almost three-
quarters of
consumers turn to
the Web first
for answers to health
Of patients use
search engines
prior to booking
an appointment

PremierCare IPA taps TRAFFIK Health from startup as full service
key partner and
strategic advisor

TRAFFIK Health was a key partner from day 1 ‐ capitalizing on our years of experience and expertise in marketing to seniors in the healthcare space – in order to help PremierCare IPA analyze market data, identify opportunities, and build a new organization with a vital, timely USP and an irresistible brand voice.

With these key strategic decisions in place, TRAFFIK Health seamlessly went on to develop the strategic message matrix for the IPA's core audiences and deliver a full creative solution based on those messages across a mix of on- and offline channels, leading to instant marketplace success – outpacing even the aggressive growth goals set by PremierCare IPA themselves.

Brand development + Strategy + Print + Online + Websites + Market Research + Social

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Creating a streamlined brand presence and
UX solution for
Prospect Medical

As Prospect Medical acquired multiple hospitals across the U.S., they also acquired a random mix of new and old websites using various degrees of current and obsolete technologies, out-of-date information and inconsistent content management systems.

TRAFFIK Health is working with Prospect Medical now to develop their consumer UX strategy as well as a seamless brand experience and backend solution to streamline communication and processes on all sides of the equation – leading to simplicity for Prospect Medical and a compelling brand message for their consumers.

Brand development + Strategy + Online + Websites

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