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information shared by
others on social media

Leveraging community resources for L.A. Care creates breakthrough success

How do you reach an audience that remains unmoved by traditional media buys? That's the question L.A. Care brought to TRAFFIK when tests of traditional media showed lower results than needed to hit growth targets.

TRAFFIK Health conducted audience segmentation, developed consumer profiles and analyzed the data to reveal key psychographic variables about the consumer base – who they were, how they made decisions, and who their trusted advisors were. Our research revealed that this market segment relied primarily on their physicians and medical office staff for information to guide their choices – so TRAFFIK Health developed a community education model and resources to leverage those trusted relationships, leading to triple-digit referral growth in 6 months and higher conversion rates than L.A. Care had ever seen.

Brand development + Strategy + Print Collateral

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TRAFFIK Health turns around 80% opt-out rate

All 6 of the health plans that support the new Cal MediConnect program came to TRAFFIK with a major problem: due to poor education and negative press, 80% of the Cal MediConnect population were opting out of the better care benefits offered by the program.

TRAFFIK Health wrote and produced an entertaining, educational video which spoke directly to beneficiaries countering negative marketplace hype and bias — explaining the purpose and history of the program and how enrollment worked – resulting in 90,000 beneficiaries re-opting into the program they had previously rejected.

Strategy + Video + Market Research

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