Medical technology
helped cut the
number of days
people spent in
hospitals since 1980
Medical technology
helped add to U.S.
life expectancy
since 1980
Of consumers
say that information
found via social
media affects the
way they deal with
their health

Cutting-edge sales technology drives success for world leader in industry

As a world leader in heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring, Edwards Lifesciences' reach is truly global – which could create new challenges to ensuring brand and sales message consistency across all platforms.

TRAFFIK Health reimagined and a sales and marketing tool Edwards Lifesciences had been using – rebuilding it using cutting-edge technology and exploring programming solutions to allow for the no-trainingneeded upload of "slides" from the World's premier presentation platform and then converting that information into an easily editable, proprietary format.

The app's easy-to-use content management system and universal adoption allowed for new efficiencies, reduced 3rd party expenditure, consistency across all sales channels, and allows Edwards Lifesciences to be more efficient to market on a daily basis.

Brand development + App development

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Custom app helps Apria dive deep for new sales insights from real-time data

Apria approached TRAFFIK Health when they needed more from their consumer data collection and reporting. Apria was looking for a solution which could create efficiencies and drive new insights, while maintaining total privacy, security, and accuracy throughout the entire information chain.

TRAFFIK Health created a flexible, comprehensive custom app – with a no-skill needed front end to ensure user adoption – and a robust, nimble back-end reporting process allowing for real-time analysis on customizable reports for over 70 variables, positioning them to be continually on the pulse of one of their most significant lines of business and pivot toward new opportunities.

Brand development + App development + Data & Analytics + Compliance

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