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Seeing more and doubling budget reach: Anthem taps TRAFFIK Health to launch new care model

When Anthem launched a new model of care in Brooklyn, NY and Richmond, VA under its CareMore brand, they partnered with TRAFFIK Health to create a fully integrated campaign introducing their USP in a clear and memorable way.

TRAFFIK Health created a 2-phase strategy beginning with a 360° cross-media awareness and education campaign leading up to a strategic launch date market flood including a targeted media mix, feature segments on local news and partnership with local community events, creating roughly double the budget reach for the spend.

Brand Development + PR + TV + Radio + Online + Multicultural + Community Events/Programming + Outdoor + Direct Response + Broker education

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Making "today" count: TRAFFIK Health and CareMore partner for industry-disrupting 360° integrated campaign

TRAFFIK Health captured the heart of a company and helped CareMore solidify their brand within new and existing markets during AEP by launching an inspirational, approachable campaign centered around removing barriers between seniors and the lives they want to live.

We brought the CareMore message to seniors where they live, congregate and socialize in groundbreaking ways – online, offline and through experiential marketing within their community. The TODAY Campaign drove unprecedented success and community goodwill through a truly integrated 360º campaign experience resulting in record breaking enrollment for the health plan and the most industry awards for a single campaign in the agency’s history.

Brand Development + TV + Radio + Multicultural + Outdoor + Online + Social + Experiential + Direct Response + Call Scripts

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From clicks to conversion: Helping Care1st market to a new generation online

Care1st understood that more and more seniors are online every day – searching for answers to their health and Medicare questions. And just having a website is no longer enough – seniors who are online are becoming more and more social, expecting rich brand interactions with the companies they trust. TRAFFIK Health helped Care1st pioneer new successes in online engagement for this new generation of Medicare beneficiaries.

TRAFFIK Health created a business plan, content strategy and creative execution which positioned Care1st as a trusted partner and authority and drove AEP sales increases – online and off – every year since.

Brand development + Video + Websites
+ PPC + Social

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A unique path to growth: TRAFFIK Health strategically relaunches Soundpath Health brand

The right brand story and creative execution can make the difference between being "just another player in the space" and driving double-digit growth year-over-year.

When Soundpath Health of Washington wanted to solidify their identity and influence their public narrative, they turned to TRAFFIK Health – the experts in creating and working with the nation's largest and most respected MediCare brands – to identify their core message and tell their story in a way consumers couldn't ignore.

TRAFFIK Health performed in-depth competitive research of the market and developed creative solutions which emphasized the local nature of Soundpath's business model – a USP consumers found irresistible – making local consumers the stars of TV and radio campaigns and leveraging consumers' desire to support their own community and be able to get help from a local person on the phone, quickly. The result has been unprecedented growth and expansion into new markets.

Brand development + Identity + TV + Radio + Online + Websites

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