Drawing a New Map
for a Global Leader

Edwards infographic on a tablet

Edwards Lifesciences (ELS) is the global leader in medical innovations that address structural heart disease, critical care and surgical monitoring.

They approached TRAFFIK Health to develop strategies to increase awareness and understanding of their products and technologies.

  • Global Product Marketing
  • Patient Education Campaigns
  • Surgeon/Hospital Education Campaigns
  • Video Production
  • 3-D Product Rendering

Partnership Overview


Patients with cardiovascular disease, caregivers and healthcare professionals.


Increase awareness and understanding of available technologies and treatments, clearly explain benefits and features of innovative ELS solutions and improve patient decision-making.


TRAFFIK Health worked in close partnership with ELS to deliver easy-to-understand product and treatment information to highly specific audiences.


Empowered patients and their caregivers to make informed decisions on treatment options.

ELS microsite on desktop monitor

Key Insights

During research, TRAFFIK Health discovered that cardiovascular patients and their caregivers are bombarded with dense, technical information about treatment options, leading to confusion and anxiety about their choices.

Screenshots of ELS microsite

Delivering Clarity

To alleviate concerns and empower confident, informed decision-making, TRAFFIK Health developed a messaging platform that converted complex medical and scientific data into clear, understandable language – to provide clarity and help guide treatment choices.

Screenshots of ELS microsite on mobile device
Doctor holding tablet

Heartfelt Results

TRAFFIK Health’s partnership with ELS has resulted in the creation of multiple information-rich campaigns that provide patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals with the tools and resources they need to make informed decisions.

“Cardiovascular patients have a very short window of time to make important, life-impacting choices about their health. They need focused, easy-to-understand content that empowers highly informed decision-making—and that’s exactly what we delivered.”

Lauren Stupin
Lauren Stupin
Account Supervisor
Lauren Stupin