TRAFFIK's leadership team has passionately devoted decades to connecting the country's
leading healthcare companies to a new generation of health-conscious consumers — both young and older —
in meaningful and measurable ways.

Principal &
Chief Creative Officer

An advertising and marketing
executive with over 20 years of
experience, Anthony relentlessly
pursues measurable results for his
clients and company by providing
creative solutions that solve complex
business problems in the
simplest way.

Director of
Business Development

Brent is a 15+ year marketing
professional with expertise in
CMS regulation, SNP, ANOC,
AEP and 5-Star marketing, as
well as a professor teaching
social media, business strategy
and business operations.

Executive Director of Marketing
and Brand Strategy

Samaneh's the kind of leader
who knows how to make a
single strategic pivot which
increases engagement by 37x.
Don't let her obsession with
details and numbers fool you —
every one of those data points
represents a real person with a
real psychology to her.

Account Director

With over 20 years of account
management, direct response,
and social media experience
under his belt, Shane is a true
innovator in the healthcare space
who stays ahead of the
curve driving results for his
clients. And if you ask him why
he does it, you can still see the
dedication in his eyes.

Art Director

Jeremy combines more than
16 years of experience working
as a creative in commercial and
Medicare spaces with a deep
understanding of creative trends
across industries – resulting
in a passion for making health
and healthcare brands some of
the most creatively compelling
brands in the world.

Our Culture

We are a focused, collaborative team set on changing minds and moving needles. Whether gathered around the conference table, standing at the project wall or traveling around the country, we work across disciplines with our eye always set on pursuing the next breakthrough idea – and having fun together while doing it. Our clients are our most important partners in this process, and we're proud to partner with many of the best minds in the industry.

Our Clients

Our Clients


Awards, we've got 'em—Telly awards, Davey awards, Healthcare Advertising Awards, Mature Media Awards—and you can see them if you come by for a visit. But the accolades we treasure and pursue most don't come in gold and platinum, nor are they framed on a wall. We determine our success based on the measurable outcome of each project, campaign and relationship we build.

Social Impact

TRAFFIK Health is committed to giving
back to the world and the communities
where we work and live—through
partnerships with clients that share
our vision, and through the direct,
hands-on contributions of our
leadership and team members.

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