Avoid Repetitive ANOC Injury

Combat the 4 most common 2016 ANOC challenges
April 10, 2015

In our 15+ years of regulatory document production and fulfillment experience, all of our clients face 4 challenges no matter where they rank in terms of ANOC/EOC readiness. Here’s the list in order of prevalence:

1. “We currently have no staff and no knowledge base to build these books internally.”
2. “We have never had to do THIS MANY books before.”
3. “We’re over budget and might not make our deadline.”
4. “The majority of my staff has never built a regulated document from a CMS model.”

CHALLENGE #1: “We currently have no staff and no knowledge base to build these books internally.”

SOLUTION: A partner in the production of ANOC and EOC materials can function like your internal staff; think of your most dedicated staff members who make themselves available at 2AM on a Saturday with a smile. We organize resources, set expectations, and lead the team in accountability.

Give us your completed benefit grid, and we hit the ground running on Day 1 by building each related CMS model. We work directly with all the necessary staff and SMEs to have all sections of the books approved and ready for print. As the outsourced agency, we work seamlessly behind the scenes to make it possible for you to focus more on planning for the AEP.

At the end of the day, your ANOC/EOC mission is accomplished without major interruptions to staff. You never even bookmarked cms.gov. Who gets credit for the job well done? It’s you for having the foresight to beat the competition and call TRAFFIK Health for skilled healthcare agency assistance.

CHALLENGE #2: “We have never had to do THIS MANY books before.”

SOLUTION: If you don’t want to use the traditional method of ANOC fulfillment, you can always go digital. With the advent of data compression software and digital printing capabilities, health plans are now able to build hundreds of ANOC/EOC documents from one data grid. Even a very small staff can develop literally TONS of books, but for some, this may be unchartered waters. Email TRAFFIK Health today to guide you into a safe harbor.

CHALLENGE #3: “We’re over budget and might not make our deadline.”

SOLUTION: Hiring inexperienced and/or temporary staff burdening you with “Why?” or “How?” for 2 weeks actually sabotages your plan to beat the big deadline. The smart solution is doubling your experienced staff overnight with the RIGHT people for the task from the beginning.

Furthermore, an outside organization like TRAFFIK Health can work with your printer to troubleshoot solutions that can put you back on schedule without budget killers, like overnight shipping fees. Been there, avoided that.

Call TRAFFIK at 877.769.1921 to discuss how we can help you, one milestone at a time.

CHALLENGE #4: “The majority of my staff has never built a regulated document from a CMS model.”

SOLUTION: We act as the silent, unsung leaders while you stake your claim, front and center. We help your staff shine and develop their ANOC aptitude because let’s face it—they need this skill set for next year, right? We accomplish this in one of two ways:

1. Our ANOC document specialist builds a “template” document. This single, comprehensive document comes complete with all possible scenarios. Your staff can easily follow this roadmap to error-free books.

2. Representatives from our team are available to you 24/7. We are your virtual help desk, incarnated. Your internal staff reaches out to us anytime during the process for direct guidance. Hold time is a few seconds, and you’re not chatting with a robot.

How prepared were you for ANOC season this time last year? What were the stumbling blocks you need to avoid for 2016?

TRAFFIK Health has over 15 years of experience building ANOC and EOC books, as well as Pharmacy, Provider, and Formulary Directories. We can develop a plan for any budget, from one to hundreds of books and directories. At this stage, it doesn’t hurt to call TRAFFIK Health to discuss your partial or full outsourcing options.

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