A Successful AEP is All About Messaging

From the results of your AEP 2014 Step 2 modeling—setting your plan’s 2014 benefits mix, goals and story theme—you can sit down and write your 2014 AEP messaging.

Setting up a successful AEP plan is key: it’s all about telling your story, building your marketing plan and getting the word out.

There are plenty of plans vying for prospects and luring your members away, so these people need to hear what you have to say.

How are you going to reach them and differentiate your plan from the competition? In some markets the choices are in double-digits.

Take a look back before moving forward. Where is your plan going, and how are you going to describe it?

What sets your plan apart? A strong identity statement helps. Are you going to be the Leader in Zero Copay Benefits Plan? The Best Doctor-Network Plan? The Top Customer Service Plan? The Intimate Local Plan? The Biggest, Most Comprehensive Plan?

What niche messaging can you employ to catch the eye of plan changers? If you’re going with a Big Zero campaign, show how much more Zero is in your Zero? If you’re pursuing the Intimate Local campaign, perhaps fresh member testimonials will speak to your prospects. People not only need a why-to-buy, they also need supporting facts and data.

Deconstruct your existing marketing materials
. Break down your messaging, examine the elements individually and how they work as a whole. What do you have that works and why? What doesn’t work any longer and how can you change it?

How are you going to spread the word? While you’re writing, look at your media choices and analyze the outlets you currently use. Maybe there are few options for improved delivery in your marketplace, so drill down for the freshest local opportunities.

As a healthcare marketing specialty firm, TRAFFIK Health is here to help tell your story. We do it every day. If you need a dispassionate eye on your materials and an honest opinion, or a flight of fresh headlines and a consultation to get you started, we’re here. If you need a serious sit-down for an in-depth reconstruction and identity re-set, with design work and distribution support, we’re here to help with that, too.