Look Back Before Moving Forward

Just when the year is winding down elsewhere, it’s time for the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period to ramp up, building to a full court press of communications, sales and sign-ups between October 1 and December 7.

You have to be a winner with everyone on your team (your sales staff, members and even CMS).

How is that going to go for you this year?

Answers to that question will come from a comprehensive analysis of your 2013 season and some informed planning wherein you produce a structure that’ll make this AEP successful.

First: Be totally honest with yourself.

Look at the entire AEP continuum of lead generation, renewal response, media buys and ROI, and figure out what worked last year.

Ask yourself, did you:
– Generate enough leads and convert them?
– Have enough calls to risk losing some by putting them on hold?
– Over-generate and not make all the follow-up calls?
– Fail to service new members after converting?

Second: From the answers that came to you, were you able to outline new procedures, or make notes for process improvement this year?

Third: In your analysis, were you able to identify and maximize your successes?

What you don’t know is your biggest problem. But knowing that you need to know more is the first step toward a more successful AEP, be it 2014 or 2015. And this is where TRAFFIK can help.

We have the systems and resources to efficiently gather and analyze your data, distill the information and present you with a solid, focused report. If your data is negative for whatever reasons (there can be several) we can help clean it up and get better information promptly.

We can tell you if effecting changes this year are practical, or if it would be better to put more effort into preparing for 2015 instead.

We can analyze your systems. Do you have the best ways to track calls and backtrack leads? We can look at how well your benefits fit your members. We can ask the right questions, conduct focus groups, get the right answers.

Are your marketing pieces hitting the mark? We can look at your materials and media buys and help revise, time and execute new or refreshed messaging to help you maximize your AEP ROI.

The best way to move forward is to take a look back, and learn from your history so you don’t have to relive it.