The Medium IS the Message

Marshall McLuhan was one of the first to analyze the symbiosis of technology and communication across multiple media platforms, and their combined ability to become the message itself as an experiential delivery of influence and information.

The “right” mediums can guide opinion and direct behavior. His words are as true today as when first written.

Your members and prospects read, view and experience a wild variety of media, but perhaps trust and believe in just a few key outlets.

There are therefore just a few “right” ways to reach your audience and spend your media budget, but many ways to waste it.

With what you know from Step 1 you should be able to answer these questions:
– Which media buys worked well last year and which didn’t?
– Is there a more effective way to get in touch?
– How well did your recruitment pieces draw in new members and what media brought the best prospects?
What is the competition doing differently, and how effectively?
– Can you counter the competition on the fly if they surprise you?
– Direct mail is the workhorse, pulling in the most responses. But every plan does it, so how can your pieces make it past the trash basket and onto the desk or dining room table? Size? Color? Shape? Frequency?
– What other new media is opening up, and can you be open to new media? Machinima and YouTube for testimonials? Pageflakes and Facebook for ads and group discussions? Digital and social media are in, even with seniors. Which ones would be best for your target audiences?

Do some trend-spotting
. Newspapers are out. Is television viable in your marketplace? How do network vs. cable vs. satellite stack up? Outdoor and transit may have their place. What about radio? How far can you go on the Web?

Need answers to these questions? TRAFFIK can get them for you. We can test new-to-you mediums, advise on their feasibility, and maximize your 2014 messaging to fit them.

Media planning, placement and purchasing are part of TRAFFIK’s core services. We can balance, and round and polish, massage the message and provide perspective on the package and its potential.