Timing is Everything

The happy glow of ANOC season is now visible on the horizon, and if you have not already committed to and invested in automated production of your materials, it is “officially” too late.

Do not start the process now.

Stick to the traditional (manual) methods or construct a hybrid procedure for handling the updates, and make notes for how you and what you want to change in 2014.

If you are set up to begin using automation, it can save you and your staff time, but don’t underestimate the amount of work still needed to get the job done.

First you need to have your ANOC model already formulated and data input completed.

In the next few weeks, you need experienced staff to review the model and have all the data in a document.

Before you start generating your documents, you’ll need to run quality control on the output before actual production.

Don’t get caught in August with automation that doesn’t work.

If you feel at all overwhelmed, call us. TRAFFIK Health can help completely outsource the event for you, audit your model and supervise a test, provide expert proofreading and QC backup, or all of the above.