ANOC: Mano a Mano

It’s ANOC season and if you survived last year creating your documents manually, do you remember what worked and what didn’t?

As you know, this process is not something people can learn by doing; you need your mid-level people involved and a team who can QC itself.

Do you still have the right staff with the know-how and ability to build your model again from scratch?

There are multiple variables for each of your plans in each of your markets and your Annual Notice of Changes can reach up to 225 pages.

You need staff who are familiar with the differences between plans and people who are adept at document handling, proofreading, and essentially serving as a little publishing house.


It is a labor-intensive process. As the old Spanish dicho (proverb) goes: Many hands make light work. TRAFFIK Health can lighten the load. We’ve been there and done that for multiple plans over multiple seasons.