ANOC Milestone Timeline

As we discussed in our last installment, ANOC is already beginning to rear its ugly head, spoiling your plans for a laid-back summer and putting a cramp on your spring, as well. If that’s news to you, here’s the bad news: your health plan may already be in the hole as far as planning for the ANOC effort.

The good news is, we’ve put together a handy ANOC Milestone Timeline to help you get your priorities in order ASAP.

There’s nothing like seeing all of these important markers in one place to help you visualize a successful ANOC season. And if you still can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is still plenty of time to reach out to an experienced ANOC partner like TRAFFIK Health for guidance and support.

-Begin planning and strategizing for the upcoming ANOC campaign
-Choose team leaders and delegate roles and responsibilities
-Determine whether you’re going in-house, need outside help or will be outsourcing completely

-Begin filing your new markets with CMS
-Work nonstop on your critical benefits packages

-Benefits must be submitted to CMS
-CMS releases all 2016 model documents (the real fun begins)
-CMS releases the update to the marketing guidelines

-Regulatory document season begins for ANOC/EOC
-Start building your regulatory materials

-All regulatory materials should be in full production
-CMS releases model revisions
-Begin building Formulary and directory materials

-Reallocation changes are released
-Deadline for additions to all directories
-All pieces must be heading to the printers by the end of the month to meet September 30 in-home date

Remember: even with these goals and benchmarks laid out in a row, a lot still has to go right to have a drama-free ANOC/EOC experience. That’s why we recommend building so much extra time—so you can face a crisis or two and still hit your delivery dates. Speaking from past experience, there is no more time to hem and haw—start taking action now. You can begin by calling TRAFFIK Health for a friendly consultation on your needs and goals.