Keeping An Eye on Benefit Design

Now that you’ve got your ANOC models outlined, staff in place and a course plotted, what kind of shape are your benefit designs in and where are your plans compared to the competition?

Now is the time to be looking at last year’s offerings, deciding what to change for 2014, and build those solutions into your ANOC model.

It’s all about perception and member retention/recruitment. What value are your members going to perceive in the changes you are making (or not making) to their plan as presented in your 2013 ANOC?

Are you struggling to improve any poor benefits?

Where do you think your competition is going? Your members can (and do) shop around. Would it help you to follow them, or make aggressive changes?

Are there specialties you want to emphasize or regional needs that, if addressed with new benefits, could better attract and retain members?

TRAFFIK Health can help with competitive metrics to help you see how you measure up. We can help start a strategy discussion for building your benefits’ value. We can help draft a plan that can be used this year and next, as you define any changes in direction or offerings.