Broadening Your Reach

Part of the beauty of Facebook is that the experience is different for each user. Users that “gather” friends and connections more actively tend to have a busy and active newsfeed experience, whereas those that focus on a smaller core of key relationships and brands may have a slower-moving feed.

For businesses that rely on Facebook as a tool for building their awareness, this dichotomy can be a source of frustration. Those users that follow a larger number of friends and acquaintances may miss out on what key influencers are saying about their brand because what is being shared on their users’ wall can get buried quickly or disappear from sight altogether, if the users aren’t monitoring their feed 24 hours a day. Such is the way of the dynamic newsfeed.

Facebook has recently introduced an ingenious workaround for this dilemma: Sponsored Stories. Under this program, companies can broaden their reach by increasing the visibility of influential newsfeed stories that relate to their brands or campaigns. They’ve covered all of their bases, too, offering compatibility with many forms of Facebook-related actions, including:

  • Page likes
  • Page posts and page post likes
  • When apps are used and/or games are played
  • When apps are shared
  • Check-ins at one of your claimed locations
  • Domain likes (likes generated by a like button on your website)


While Sponsored Stories can be an effective marketing tool on its own, the program is optimal as part of an existing campaign that already includes standard Facebook ads. Because effective Facebook ads work to increase the number of actions that users take with your content (for instance, liking, sharing or commenting), Sponsored Stories adds the delicious counterpunch of making those actions visible for longer periods of time on relevant newsfeeds.

Sounds good right? If you’re not sure how Sponsored Stories can be integrated into your current social media marketing campaign, we can help get you up to speed. Contact us, and let’s set your Facebook presence on overdrive.