Content Marketing for Health Brands

One of the most powerful principles in marketing is reciprocity. You give me something, and I’m more likely to take an action you ask me to. While this is stated very simply, it speaks to a powerful tool marketers and advertisers have available in 2018.

In the past, publishing was largely held by centralized authorities: newspapers, book publishers, TV and radio networks. Companies without access to these publishers could create materials, like member newsletters, which were effective in their time. But, in the flattened world of the internet, every brand has the opportunity to speak directly to their existing and potential customers, provide them something of value, and initiate the powerful marketing results of reciprocity.

While this revolution benefits many brands, health brands have a special opportunity, because so many consumers turn to the internet with health questions. As we work to create needle-moving content for our customers, here are a few of the things we keep in mind:

1. Content must be valuable to the audience. Listen to them.

There are two risks right out of the gate when it comes to creating content: (1) Creating anything just to push something out, and (2) creating content based on an internal stakeholder’s pet project. The only way your audience members will engage with your content, and find value in it, is if it resonates with their needs. We use tools like audience interviews, competitive analysis and social listening to identify the kinds of content your audience is looking for, and to determine how to speak in a way that they’ll remember.

2. Audiences expect to engage with content. Be ready.

Online content publishing is not a one-way street. Audiences expect, and demand, to comment, share, link on social media and more. While you don’t have to make all of these opportunities for interaction available to every audience, you must be ready to answer questions and engage when the time does come, whether by training your customer service representatives on what content you’re publishing or having your PR team prepare for unexpected viral links on social media. The right agency will partner with you on an internal and external plan for how to connect with today’s engaged audiences.

3. Content can be evergreen. Get the most from it.

Content should not be created to be pushed out and left to sit. Many social media algorithms may not even pick up your content right when you post it. We analyze our clients’ goals and opportunities to create a strategy of continual content renewal and engagement, allowing the content many chances to be found and valued by audiences.

As more and more educated consumers pick and choose brands based on their personal online experiences, publishing valuable content will play a bigger and bigger role in the future of your business. If customers don’t find the content they need on your sites and social profiles, they may switch brands to companies who do answer their questions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become an authority now, to engage your customers for the long term.