Empowering Your Sales Team

With healthcare industry apps currently blowing up, it’s interesting that you don’t see much discussion about the possible advantages of building a custom enrollment app for your Medicare Advantage health plan.

Really, the situation couldn’t be any sweeter. During the Annual Enrollment Period, Medicare-eligible individuals are bombarded with marketing materials and messages, with tons of phone numbers and website URLs flying in one ear and out the other. When they are ready to make a decision about their health plan, they have a lot to sort through to get back in touch with your plan’s sales agent—and let’s face it, many new/returning members are just going to go with whatever is easiest.

That’s where the app comes in. If you market a truly sexy Medicare-enrollment app—one chock-full of extra features that would be useful to a Medicare-aged recipient—you can make calling or emailing your sales team literally as easy as swiping a phone or tablet.

Just as useful, you can arm your sales force with app-ready devices when they are out in the world recruiting prospects at special events, malls or branded outdoor sales centers. The right app could allow sales agents to quickly input a prospect’s data and funnel it into a sales machine that is pre-programmed to deliver multiple touches via direct mail, email, phone and more. No need for the time-consuming process of transferring data to a larger database—it’s all automated right there in the app.

The sky is the limit for apps, and Medicare is the next frontier. As we’ve pointed out in the past, though, it’s a tricky road to go down. Due to HIPAA and CMS compliance issues—to say nothing of the challenges inherent in designing and programming an effective app—you need an experienced partner to bring this vision to life. Contact TRAFFIK Health now to see how an enrollment app might figure into your AEP efforts this year, and be among the first health plans to embrace the cutting edge!