Take Your Fundraising to New Heights

Raising funds for nonprofits is always a challenge, but when you factor in today’s economic climate, you’re in for a real battle. Fortunately for some nonprofit institutions, like children’s hospitals and pediatric centers, you are raising funds for a cause that almost everyone wants to get behind. The most important part of your fundraising effort is merely spreading awareness so that your donor pool knows that you need them.

That’s not to say it will be easy—far from it—but with the right strategies in place, your fundraising cycle can be painless and highly rewarding. With that in mind, here are five general strategies worth considering for your next campaign:

Data Mine Your Current Profile: Before you reach out to potential donors, you have to know whom it is that you’re reaching out to. Data mining your current lead database can help you not only to pinpoint whom to target, but also how to craft your messaging.
Reengage Dormant Donors: As part of your data-mining exercise, you should be able to identify past donors that, for whatever reason, haven’t been as active in recent fundraising cycles as they have been in the past. Don’t let these valuable relationships continue to wither on the vine—reach out and reengage with them. Chances are that they will be pleased to hear that they are missed.
Donor Retention/Stewardship Program: Don’t take your core donors for granted. Try creating a VIP-style program that facilitates personalized outreach and engagement with these vital contributors. Donor Appreciation Month, anyone?
Tracking Your Mail: If your fundraising efforts include a direct mail campaign, what steps are you taking to track the delivery of your assets? Knowing when your prospects receive your communications gives you the ability to follow up with them at the optimal time to convert a donation. It’s a great way to increase ROI on a costly direct mail expenditure.
Social Media Fundraising: Try creating new channels that make it convenient for prospective donors to make contributions. The next “Text ‘HAITI’” idea could be put to use raising funds for your hospital. Online communities are also great for organizing your volunteers.

Having the right ideas is one thing, but having the right kind of support can elevate your fundraising campaign to new heights. TRAFFIK Health is experienced in raising the profiles of a wide variety of health industry clients, and we have the insight and follow through to make your next drive a big success. Let’s get in touch and put these strategies to work raising capital for your facility and your patients.