On Your Mark, Get Set, ANOC!

Well, the CMS models will be released soon. So begins the marathon (not sprint). For some, those few words bring out a lot of mixed emotions. Relieved the season has started, but the dread of getting everything done before the August print date is palpable. We are sure your staff is feeling the same pressure we here at TRAFFIK are.

We thought of a funny checklist to see how prepared you are for ANOC season:

1. Desk stocked with junk food so you can eat your feelings.

2. Practice making static noises with your throat. When someone calls to ask if booklets are on schedule, you have an easy out.

3. Brought family pictures to the office (labeled with names) so you remember who they are when you finally get home.

4. Rehearsed your straight face when “the new girl” asks for time off in July or August.

5. Pizza delivery on speed dial. Check.

6. Prepare for the annual debate over what CMS means by “gap” or “no gap” in chapter 6. (This occurs every year, and I can now argue both sides.)

7. Pre-fill sticky notes to myself with the words “Don’t forget to update the table of contents!” (This is after 15 minutes of cursing CMS for having to renumber all the sections for a huge chapter.)

8. Resisting the urge to yell “I am just as busy as you are!” at SMEs on the third status call attempting to justify why they’re too busy to review their sections.

9. Remember to drive the “big car” just in case it has to double as a Motel 6. (Don’t leave the light on!)

10. Set an annual reminder to self-diagnose a rare and exotic tropical disease so you never have to endure another season.

While this is just meant to be facetious, anyone who has ever suffered through this labor-intensive process over the years knows there is a glimmer of truth to the list above. So if this blog triggered nightmares from last year’s debacle, you need to call us at 877.769.1921 right now, and let TRAFFIK give you a hand. Our ANOC/EOC marathon specialists are standing by.