Are You Partnered With The Right Agency?

When should a health plan conduct an agency review? The answer is usually “yesterday!” But if you haven’t already started, there’s no better time than now—especially since AEP and Open Enrollment are fast approaching.

Deciding which advertising agency may be the right fit for your plan is no easy feat. Evaluating your current agency can be even more complex. With so many factors involved, how should you conduct an agency review? Before you begin, ask yourself the following questions:

Are you positioned to grow today and tomorrow?

The right agency partner sets you up for success not only today but in the future. They will plot out a clear and concise strategy, creating the proper media mix, positioning and messaging. These are all critical to capturing new members, retaining current ones and, most importantly, staying ahead of the competition.

Is your agency driving the conversation?

The right agency partner can pinpoint your weaknesses and drive the conversation about how to turn those weaknesses around, enabling you to capture market share to grow and expand your business.

Is your agency coming to the table with new ideas or just more of the same?

If your agency follows the philosophy of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” you’re merely settling for “okay.” Just okay is not good enough. Okay will put you out of business in five years. Instead, your agency should be constantly analyzing, evaluating and reevaluating every aspect of your marketing and advertising strategy to develop new, innovative, industry-disrupting ideas that can bring your company to the forefront of the healthcare industry.

At TRAFFIK, we never settle for okay. We continuously work to generate ground-breaking ideas and solutions for our clients by addressing issues head-on and developing solutions that take your plan to the next level. We can help ensure your success not only during this year’s Annual Enrollment Period and Open Enrollment but also well into the future.

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