Picture Your Audience

For many Medicare health plans, we are currently in the middle of a bit of a marketing doldrums. You still need to stay busy reaching out to age-in candidates and generally maintaining your brand, but you can’t go out with both barrels blazing like you can during the peak months of the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP).

At first glance, it may seem like a bit of “down time,” but right now is actually a great time to make your age-in advertising count and lay the foundation for a successful AEP campaign in the fall when all of the chips are in.

How? We’re glad you asked. The answer is testing!

Now, while the stakes are comparatively low, you have the leisure of running a variety of ads that can help you to really hone in on the core messaging that will carry your brand during AEP. Some elements of your ad that you can play with include:

– Headlines
– Photography and layout
– Benefits
– Call to action

Really watch the performance of your age-in ads and get a feeling for what your audience is and isn’t responding to. The results may surprise you—you may find that your audience would rather call a hotline than visit a URL, that they don’t respond to certain photography or that your message isn’t motivating them to do much of anything.

By taking note of what works and where you can improve, and by constantly fine tuning your ads and messaging, you’ll inch closer to the hallowed “super ad” that can help you hit sales goals in AEP.

After all, age-in prospects are still consumers in the way that already enrolled Medicare beneficiaries are. They need to make the same kinds of decisions about their healthcare and what type of Medicare Advantage health plan works best for them. So if an ad is resonating with age-in consumers in March, April and May, chances are it will also work with a general audience in October, November and December.

Need help drawing a road map from age-ins to AEP? TRAFFIK Health has over 10 years of experience building targeted campaigns that get results in the healthcare sector. Give us a call at (877) 769-1921 and let’s get a conversation started.