Commercial and
ACA Marketing

At TRAFFIK advertising, we get Affordable Care Act
regulation, we get data—and we also get names
and faces, hopes and dreams. We understand the
psychology of the new emerging audiences and
know how to help your brand become a strategic
leader in the future of health insurance.

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We continue to rewrite the book on how to
effectively educate and market Medicare
plans to seniors and their caregivers. In fact,
many insurance plans across the nation
consider our approaches as "best practices"
including the Centers for Medicare Services
(CMS) themselves.

Innovating new ways to communicate and
capture the attention of today’s aging
population is just one of the ways we drove
the #1 and #3 Medicare brands in the U.S.
to record breaking success.

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We're passionate about
communicating a dynamic
and, in many cases,
life-changing message to
this underserved Medicaid
market. As a result, we
helped California's largest
Medi-Cal provider increase
membership by 40%.

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Hospitals, IPAs and
Medical Groups

We believe that hospitals, IPAs, medical
groups and insurance plans all play a
significant role in the wellness of a patient
and/or member. We also believe that their
strategic approach to marketing should be
as unique as their specific role in a member
or patient's life.

Our team has helped some of the most
visible healthcare companies across
the U.S. define a strategic approach
based on KPIs specific to their audience
and goals.

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Medical Devices

As a medical device advertising agency, we know that the community
is transforming lives every day in astonishing new and technologically
advanced ways—and
we know how to help tell your story in a way that
cuts through the noise and showcases your commitment to sustaining
and saving lives. That's what drives our dynamic relationship with the
#1 market share leaders in their industry.

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Regulatory Materials

We work intimately with operational
departments and product teams to develop
regulatory materials for pre- and post-
membership—from ANOCs and EOCs
(we've created more than 8,000 over the last
20 years) to formularies, provider directories,
member kits and more.

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