Interrupting Your Regular
Patient Adherence Program

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Apria Healthcare is a leading national provider of integrated home healthcare services and equipment that serves more than 2 million patients per year.

They commissioned TRAFFIK Health for a multi-year partnership to improve messaging, increase awareness and drive adoption for new and existing patients as well as medical professionals.

  • Product Marketing
  • Audience Specific Strategies
  • Public Relations
  • Media Planning/Buying

Partnership Overview


Patients, medical professionals, medical equipment sales and fulfillment specialists.


Create cohesive, on-brand messaging and increase awareness of products and services.


TRAFFIK Health merged extensive research with attention-demanding creative to inform, educate and drive action for multiple audience segments.


Developed integrated messaging platforms that increased awareness and adoption of Apria’s products and services.

Man with CPAP mask


Through personalized and disruptive communications, TRAFFIK Health increased patient compliance, grew resupply orders and strengthened brand preference across audiences.

Key Insights

Home healthcare equipment messaging is often clinical and complex, leading to confusion. TRAFFIK Health created dynamic messaging maps to cut through the noise and engage audiences with clear, memorable campaigns.

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Infusing fresh creative into a traditional and static market, TRAFFIK Health’s campaigns are differentiating Apria from the crowd—launching hundreds of touchpoints designed to grab attention and communicate value.

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Accelerating Growth

Our long-term partnership with Apria has led to innovative strategies that are positioning Apria as a leading provider of breakthrough home medical solutions.

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“There’s so much room in this category to make a big impact—and the work we do with Apria every day improves the lives of people across the country by educating about patient compliance, improving customer experience and driving prescriber-level process improvements together.”

Brent Shoji
Brent Shoji
Executive Director
Brent Shoji