Seeing more and doubling budget reach: Anthem taps TRAFFIK Health to launch new care model

When Anthem launched a new model of care in Brooklyn, NY and Richmond, VA under its CareMore brand, they partnered with TRAFFIK Health to create a fully integrated campaign introducing their USP in a clear and memorable way.

TRAFFIK Health created a 2-phase strategy beginning with a 360° cross-media awareness and education campaign leading up to a strategic launch date market flood including a targeted media mix, feature segments on local news and partnership with local community events, creating roughly double the budget reach for the spend.

Brand Development + PR + TV + Radio + Online + Multicultural + Community Events/Programming + Outdoor + Direct Response + Broker education

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Making "today" count: TRAFFIK Health and CareMore partner for industry-disrupting 360° integrated campaign

TRAFFIK Health captured the heart of a company and helped CareMore solidify their brand within new and existing markets during AEP by launching an inspirational, approachable campaign centered around removing barriers between seniors and the lives they want to live.

We brought the CareMore message to seniors where they live, congregate and socialize in groundbreaking ways – online, offline and through experiential marketing within their community. The TODAY Campaign drove unprecedented success and community goodwill through a truly integrated 360º campaign experience resulting in record breaking enrollment for the health plan and the most industry awards for a single campaign in the agency’s history.

Brand Development + TV + Radio + Multicultural + Outdoor + Online + Social + Experiential + Direct Response + Call Scripts

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From clicks to conversion: Helping Care1st market to a new generation online

Care1st understood that more and more seniors are online every day – searching for answers to their health and Medicare questions. And just having a website is no longer enough – seniors who are online are becoming more and more social, expecting rich brand interactions with the companies they trust. TRAFFIK Health helped Care1st pioneer new successes in online engagement for this new generation of Medicare beneficiaries.

TRAFFIK Health created a business plan, content strategy and creative execution which positioned Care1st as a trusted partner and authority and drove AEP sales increases – online and off – every year since.

Brand development + Video + Websites
+ PPC + Social

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A unique path to growth: TRAFFIK Health strategically relaunches Soundpath Health brand

The right brand story and creative execution can make the difference between being "just another player in the space" and driving double-digit growth year-over-year.

When Soundpath Health of Washington wanted to solidify their identity and influence their public narrative, they turned to TRAFFIK Health – the experts in creating and working with the nation's largest and most respected MediCare brands – to identify their core message and tell their story in a way consumers couldn't ignore.

TRAFFIK Health performed in-depth competitive research of the market and developed creative solutions which emphasized the local nature of Soundpath's business model – a USP consumers found irresistible – making local consumers the stars of TV and radio campaigns and leveraging consumers' desire to support their own community and be able to get help from a local person on the phone, quickly. The result has been unprecedented growth and expansion into new markets.

Brand development + Identity + TV + Radio + Online + Websites

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Leveraging community resources for L.A. Care creates breakthrough success

How do you reach an audience that remains unmoved by traditional media buys? That's the question L.A. Care brought to TRAFFIK when tests of traditional media showed lower results than needed to hit growth targets.

TRAFFIK Health conducted audience segmentation, developed consumer profiles and analyzed the data to reveal key psychographic variables about the consumer base – who they were, how they made decisions, and who their trusted advisors were. Our research revealed that this market segment relied primarily on their physicians and medical office staff for information to guide their choices – so TRAFFIK Health developed a community education model and resources to leverage those trusted relationships, leading to triple-digit referral growth in 6 months and higher conversion rates than L.A. Care had ever seen.

Brand development + Strategy + Print Collateral

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TRAFFIK Health turns around 80% opt-out rate

All 6 of the health plans that support the new Cal MediConnect program came to TRAFFIK with a major problem: due to poor education and negative press, 80% of the Cal MediConnect population were opting out of the better care benefits offered by the program.

TRAFFIK Health wrote and produced an entertaining, educational video which spoke directly to beneficiaries countering negative marketplace hype and bias — explaining the purpose and history of the program and how enrollment worked – resulting in 90,000 beneficiaries re-opting into the program they had previously rejected.

Strategy + Video + Market Research

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PremierCare IPA taps TRAFFIK Health from startup as full service
key partner and
strategic advisor

TRAFFIK Health was a key partner from day 1 ‐ capitalizing on our years of experience and expertise in marketing to seniors in the healthcare space – in order to help PremierCare IPA analyze market data, identify opportunities, and build a new organization with a vital, timely USP and an irresistible brand voice.

With these key strategic decisions in place, TRAFFIK Health seamlessly went on to develop the strategic message matrix for the IPA's core audiences and deliver a full creative solution based on those messages across a mix of on- and offline channels, leading to instant marketplace success – outpacing even the aggressive growth goals set by PremierCare IPA themselves.

Brand development + Strategy + Print + Online + Websites + Market Research + Social

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Creating a streamlined brand presence and
UX solution for
Prospect Medical

As Prospect Medical acquired multiple hospitals across the U.S., they also acquired a random mix of new and old websites using various degrees of current and obsolete technologies, out-of-date information and inconsistent content management systems.

TRAFFIK Health is working with Prospect Medical now to develop their consumer UX strategy as well as a seamless brand experience and backend solution to streamline communication and processes on all sides of the equation – leading to simplicity for Prospect Medical and a compelling brand message for their consumers.

Brand development + Strategy + Online + Websites

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Cutting-edge sales technology drives success for world leader in industry

As a world leader in heart valves and hemodynamic monitoring, Edwards Lifesciences' reach is truly global – which could create new challenges to ensuring brand and sales message consistency across all platforms.

TRAFFIK Health reimagined and a sales and marketing tool Edwards Lifesciences had been using – rebuilding it using cutting-edge technology and exploring programming solutions to allow for the no-trainingneeded upload of "slides" from the World's premier presentation platform and then converting that information into an easily editable, proprietary format.

The app's easy-to-use content management system and universal adoption allowed for new efficiencies, reduced 3rd party expenditure, consistency across all sales channels, and allows Edwards Lifesciences to be more efficient to market on a daily basis.

Brand development + App development

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Custom app helps Apria dive deep for new sales insights from real-time data

Apria approached TRAFFIK Health when they needed more from their consumer data collection and reporting. Apria was looking for a solution which could create efficiencies and drive new insights, while maintaining total privacy, security, and accuracy throughout the entire information chain.

TRAFFIK Health created a flexible, comprehensive custom app – with a no-skill needed front end to ensure user adoption – and a robust, nimble back-end reporting process allowing for real-time analysis on customizable reports for over 70 variables, positioning them to be continually on the pulse of one of their most significant lines of business and pivot toward new opportunities.

Brand development + App development + Data & Analytics + Compliance

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Anthem partners
with TRAFFIK Health
on materials for new product line, saving time and budget

When Wellpoint acquired CareMore and had a new line of products needing regulatory materials, they tapped TRAFFIK Health for our years of experience and expertise in building books for C-SNP and D-SNP.

We built 400 books in 2 languages for them on-time with zero errors, using a “traditional" build method. This allowed WellPoint to file all their books on time without requiring any additional staff – and helped them avoid $90,000 in last minute custom programming charges.

Regulatory & Compliance

TRAFFIK Health helps major Medicare brand solve book issue at 11th hour

When one of the nation’s top Medicare brands was working within the newer “digital” build process, they realized there were going to be some difficult new issues – and it was already late August. TRAFFIK Health stepped in and helped build the most complex parts of their book using the "traditional" method – seamlessly coordinating with the "digital" process for building the rest of the books.

With TRAFFIK Health’s help, this client was able to deliver all of their books accurate and on time, while avoiding any rush charges or compliance issues.

Regulatory & Compliance

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